Now all the winter drilled crops are in the ground and we are fighting against the scurge of slugs, which can destroy the crop before it even gets out of the ground. Metaldehyde pellets are used very sparingly to kill the little blighters which hide under clods of earth and the leaves of the weeds and other plants which have grown since cultivation. I have been doing some talks to different groups and we have a squadron of Air cadets here at the moment doing lots of out door activities and camping in the field next to the barn. This is the time of year I do courses to improve my farming and conservation skills and at a recent visit to our accountant is was pleasing to see that we are easily in the top 10% of farmers for profitability in a bench marking exercise. This will be severely tested when the support payments are taken away at the end of 2019. Mushrooms are still in abundance and make an excellent breakfast, but you should always remember that you can actually eat every sort of mushroom in the UK, but some you can only eat once!