Christmas is here once again and the annual frenzy to get everything done in time for the big day remains an utter mystery to me. It is after all just another day when we eat and drink nice stuff and ignore the problems in the rest of the world and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the finer things in life. I am now studying law at De Montfort University and have been elected the student union rep, so I am looking forward to organising protests and sit ins and bringing down the Government. I have also been doing some stuff for the BBC on the proposed ban on glyphosate. There has been some research in the USA to suggest that it may be carcinogenic, but one cup of coffee has more toxins in it than a whole years worth of food which has been sprayed and you would have to eat 1,500 wholemeal loaves per day for 80 years to get any harmful effects from glyphosate. We must get these things into perspective and realise that the most dangerous thing about this essential chemical if the truck which brings it to my yard.