Public Speaking

"Saturday April 18th saw an ancient institution given a fresh lease of life in Rutland. Andrew Brown, local farmer and NFU activist was guest speaker at the annual black tie President’s Night Dinner hosted by the Rotary Club of Uppingham. Andrew had taken up his duties the previous week as High Sheriff of Rutland at an elegant ceremony held in Oakham Castle. He created a night to be remembered!
After dinner, principal guest Andrew Brown took to his feet in ceremonial garb and with sword and proceeded to deliver what many guests later described as the best speech they had heard in years. He was charming, witty and very entertaining, just what was required after the substantial meal and a modest taste of grape. His presentation fell into two main parts.
He talked of his life as a farmer, his work with the National Farmers Union (NFU) and his efforts to promote good husbandry of landand the rural way of life. Despite putting over some serious messages, Andrew took the opportunity to poke fun at farming stereotypes and addressed some common misunderstandings by urban folk. The audience warmed to his efforts to promote greater comprehension and delighted in a number of Royal anecdotes. It was, however, his portrayal of the role of High Sheriff that really wowed the crowd. By the end of his speech he had convinced the whole audience that the role of High Sheriff was one that must be preserved and valued as a part of English heritage. Using humour and a refreshing sideways look at his ceremonial garb (potentially costing thousands but available on e-bay for £500 he said) and his ancient right to raise a hue and cry, put together a posse or perhaps even close the A1, Andrew had the room rolling with laughter as he gently poked fun at the historic powers he held. Even the Palace did not escape his sense of humour. Beneath it all, however, he left us all with a couple of deeply moving messages. The first was that our preservation of ancient roles such as High Sheriff epitomised what is different about being English. It sets us apart from many others and was something to be celebrated. The audience agreed. The second was a brief outline of the outstanding charity work that had been done by his predecessors and his intention to continue the good work.
What had started as a talk by a well-known local farmer wearing some rather strange looking clothes became a deeply moving insight into aspects of the English way of life and a stirring of the heartstrings. If you are someone who is in the business of booking speakers for public functions, you had better move quickly. This farmer is a star!"

Ron Simpson 20.4.2015

Anyone interested in asking Andrew to speak at an event and discuss terms should use the contact details below. or 0780 105 7417